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2018 May 22nd - PRESS RELEASE:  Skipper's decendants to name new pleasure boat.  

2018 May 22nd - 6th Trust Open w/e @ Ebridge Lock. Sat 2nd & Sun 3rd June.  See our EVENTS page

2018 May 2nd - Sundays & May BH Canal Boat Trip 'revised programme'  view info & details poster HERE

2018 Apr 23rd - PRESS RELEASE:  Norfolk's Canal included in national boating challenge. View HERE

2018 Apr 24th - Is Film Night at The Atrium, Nth Walsham.  POSTER wilth details is available HERE

2018 Apr 7th - Click HERE to study a hand-drawn map of the NW&D Canal and area

2018 Mar 23rd - New and Updated 'Angling Rules' uploaded to our website.  Click HERE to read

2018 Feb 23rd - Norfolk Day, July 27th - Click HERE to see how we're involved.  EDP Article

2018 Feb 6th - Canal Trips - Click HERE for important information on booking a seat

2018 Feb 5th - Trust EVENTS updated for a Coffee Morning, a Film Night, our Info W/E & our AGM

2018 Jan 30th - The Trust has an    Instagram Account - click HERE to follow. Canal photos welcomed

2018 Jan 24th - Our Winter 2017 'QUAGMIRE' Newsletter has been emailed to members.

                           We have received a few return messages that indicate  'Email could not be delivered'                                    Please ensure we have your correct details - Contact

2018 Jan 22nd - View the BBC Look East video of the momentous 'trial' canal re-watering HERE

2018 Jan 22nd - Our Facebook page reaches 1,500 LIKES   Thank you all for your interest and support

2018 Jan 19th - NEW Canal 'Boat Trip' Poster for you to print off -  Click HERE

2017 Oct 10th - What has Dennis and The Queen got in common with the Pope - click HERE to read

2018 Jan 12th - Did you see the TRIAL re-watering of the NW&D Canal on BBC Look East today?

                           View some of the photos taken on our Facebook page HERE 

2018 Jan 12th - Assistant Wildlife Officer(s) wanted.  Click HERE for more information

2018 Jan 5th - Lovely map of the Nth Walsham and Dilham Canal HERE scroll down to view it.

                           (Permission has been granted by 'Canal Camping' at Honing to link to their website & map)

2017 Dec 22nd - Important Notice - click HERE to read

2017 Dec 12th - Our Facebook page has hit over 1,400 LIKES.  Thank you to all our supporters!

2017 Nov 20th - New Canal Boat Trip posters for you to print off and share - click HERE

2017 Nov 20th - BBC Online News - Dry Canal to be refilled with water - click HERE for article

2017 Nov 20th - 'Just Regional' magazine - All aboard for Canal Trips - click HERE for article

2017 Nov 15th - Showcase Gallery's 2018 Calender showcases Nth Walshams Natural Beauty - HERE

2017 Nov 13th - New Tent Only Canal Campsite opened at Honing

2017 Oct 24th - Familiar with reading magazines online? Our LINKS page has been updated

2017 Oct - New Fisheries Offier has joined our team.   Watch for his posts on our Facebook page 

2017 Sept - Towpath Talk article - Perry Hampson, Trust Wildlife Officer "Tracking down returning wildlife in                      darkest Norfolk! " .    Click HERE for article

2017 Sept 7th - "Just Regional" online newspaper reports on our Canal Event at Ebridge.  Click HERE

2017 Sept 2nd - Wow, our Facebook page has hit '1300' LIKES. Thank you all for enjoying our page 

2017 Aug 18th - Waterways Recovery Group - TWEET - Ebridge Spillway Repair - Click HERE to view

2017 July 24th - Ebridge Lock to Swafield Bridge - Restoration Update.  Available to read HERE

2017 July 24th - 'Hand drawn' Canal Access Map created by Vice Chair Chris Black is available HERE.

2017 June 26th - Volunteer Ed Cubitt urges others to get involved.  Click HERE to read the EDP article 

2017 June 14th - Facebook 'LIKES' just 5 short of 1200.  Click HERE to read why it's important to us

2017 June 1st - Towpath Talk - Re: the Royston Bridge Spillway restoration. Click HERE to read

2017 May 26th - Click HERE to read the Restoration Update in view of the low water levels at Ebridge. 

2017 May 25th - New DVD available for sale, "Restoring the North Walsham and Dilham" 

2017 May 20th - Norfolk Norfolk News - 'Norfolk's Industrial Archaeological Gem Is Coming Back to Life' 

2017 May 9th - PRESS RELEASE:  June 2017 - Information Weekend 

2017 May 9th - PRESS RELEASE:  Bright elusive butterfily we love fluttering to new canal home?

2017 Mar 29th - All of the canal is privately owned.  But between Ebridge, Spa Common, Royston Bridge Bacton Road up to the 'skew' bridge at Swafield there is a 'permissive path'.  The section of canal at Swafield and beyond the skew bridge this canal and land is PRIVATE and there is NO RIGHT OF WAY.   

2017 Feb 22nd - View TWEET from Waterways Recovery Group HERE re:  2nd lock gates at Bacton Wood Lock

2017 Feb 2nd - Superb aerial recording of the canal from Swafield through to Ebridge below.

Click HERE to view - Thank you Kevin Smith for allowing us to SHARE from your Facebook upload.


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