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2018 Oct 29th - The Nth Walsham and Dilham Canal Trust is now a registered charity.  More info to follow

2018 Oct 25th - Mundesley Lifeboat volunteers do flood rescue training in the canal.   

2018 Oct 18th - Two recent work party reports uploaded which now include photographs.  Click HERE

2018 Oct 16th - NEW:  A 3rd story by Roy Webster - click HERE to visit our Environment page to read

2018 Oct 13th - Essential 'Canal Bank' Maintenance - see notice of work HERE

2018 Oct 27th - Wherry Maud Trust presents a Charity Film Night @ Hoveton Village Hall - Details HERE

2018 Sept 5th - All 40 places for the Canal Heritage "Walk & Talk" have now been filled.

2018 Sept 1st - Canal HERITAGE 'Walk & Talk' on Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th Sept.  Poster HERE

2018 Aug 25th - Canal Cruises information poster added to our home page and events page

2018 Aug 12th - North Walsham and Dilham Canal Trust President Mr Alan Faulkner dies - read HERE

2018 Aug 3rd - Memories of Fishing along the Canal, Written by Roy Webster. Click HERE to read

2018 July 30th - The Trusts successful "Celebrating Norfolk Day" article - click HERE to read

2018 July 17th - Celebrating Norfolk Day - Canal Cruises & Commentary - click HERE to learn more

2018 July 17th - Canal Boat Trips update from Graham Pressman Boating Officer - click HERE to read

2018 April - Missed this!  Big Sky Productions - 2 fantastic articles about Bacton Wood Lock Gates HERE

2018 June 11th - 'Ebridge to Swafield' Canal Boat Trip TIMETABLE available HERE

2018 June 7th - All volunteers welcomed.  See our Information Poster HERE 

2018 June 5th - We're at Norwich Cathedral - Celebrating Volunteers - click HERE for more information

2018 June 1st - A revised Membership form has been uploaded to our Membership page

2018 May 28th - Added to the HISTORY page - The Wherry "Ella" and owner Nat Bircham article

2018 May 22nd - PRESS RELEASE:  Skipper's decendants to name new pleasure boat.  

2018 May 22nd - 6th Trust Open w/e @ Ebridge Lock. Sat 2nd & Sun 3rd June.  See our EVENTS page

2018 Apr 23rd - PRESS RELEASE:  Norfolk's Canal included in national boating challenge. View HERE

2018 Apr 24th - Is Film Night at The Atrium, Nth Walsham.  POSTER wilth details is available HERE

2018 Apr 7th - Click HERE to study a hand-drawn map of the NW&D Canal and area

2018 Mar 23rd - New and Updated 'Angling Rules' uploaded to our website.  Click HERE to read

2018 Feb 23rd - Norfolk Day, July 27th - Click HERE to see how we're involved.  EDP Article

2018 Jan 24th - Our Winter 2017 'QUAGMIRE' Newsletter has been emailed to members.

                           We have received a few return messages that indicate  'Email could not be delivered'                                    Please ensure we have your correct details - Contact

2018 Jan 22nd - View the BBC Look East video of the momentous 'trial' canal re-watering HERE

2018 Jan 22nd - Our Facebook page reaches 1,500 LIKES   Thank you all for your interest and support

2018 Jan 19th - NEW Canal 'Boat Trip' Poster for you to print off -  Click HERE

2017 Oct 10th - What has Dennis and The Queen got in common with the Pope - click HERE to read

2018 Jan 12th - Did you see the TRIAL re-watering of the NW&D Canal on BBC Look East today?

2018 Jan 12th - Assistant Wildlife Officer(s) wanted.  Click HERE for more information

2018 Jan 5th - Lovely map of the Nth Walsham and Dilham Canal HERE scroll down their page to view it.

                           (Permission has been granted by 'Canal Camping' at Honing to link to their website & map)

2017 Dec 22nd - Canal Restoration Work - Important Notice - click HERE to read

2017 Dec 12th - Our Facebook page has hit over 1,400 LIKES.  Thank you to all our supporters!

2017 Nov 20th - BBC Online News - Dry Canal to be refilled with water - click HERE for article

2017 Nov 20th - 'Just Regional' magazine - All aboard for Canal Trips - click HERE for article

2017 Nov 15th - Showcase Gallery's 2018 Calender showcases Nth Walshams Natural Beauty - HERE

2017 Nov 13th - New Tent Only Canal Campsite opened at Honing

2017 Oct 24th - Familiar with reading magazines online? Our LINKS page has been updated

2017 Sept - Towpath Talk article - Perry Hampson, Trust Wildlife Officer "Tracking down returning wildlife in                      darkest Norfolk! " .    Click HERE for article

2017 Sept 2nd - Wow, our Facebook page has hit '1300' LIKES. Thank you all for enjoying our page 

2017 July 24th - Ebridge Lock to Swafield Bridge - Restoration Update.  Available to read HERE

2017 Feb 2nd - Superb aerial recording of the canal from Swafield through to Ebridge below.

Click HERE to view - Thank you Kevin Smith for allowing us to SHARE from your Facebook upload.

Click HERE to view previous years NEWS Archive


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