Photo taken at our Ebridge Open Weekend. By Julie Kelleher

At Ebridge Millpond   –   Events arranged by other groups


On:                      Saturday 2nd of July from 4pm

For:                     Charity fund raiser for ‘Little Lifts’

Organiser:        ‘Sit in a stream’ Norfolk River Rally


The friends, supporters and swimmers of the “Sit in a Stream Norfolk River Rally” charity will be visiting Ebridge Millpond to dip their toes into the canal, to raise funds and awareness for the “Little Lifts” charity.  The charity supports people who are undergoing treatment for breast cancer by providing boxes full of treats and things which will help them in their cancer journey.
The charity event members will be completing various physical activities over 300 miles and over 4 days sitting, swimming, or just dipping their toes in every river and stream across Norfolk. (Those that can be accessed from public land).
Please support this event by visiting Ebridge at this time, and/or please feel free to make a donation via their page below:
All funds raised will go toward helping those going through cancer treatment.    Many thanks for your support and donation to this charity event.
Thanks must go to the organisers of this event and also to the Old Canal Company who have given their permission for this event to take place on their land at Ebridge.  (Please note: The Old Canal Company ask that NO cycling along the canal paths. Your co-operation is much appreciated. The Old Canal Company, canal section owner).

North Walsham and Dilham Canal Trust Events for 2022

  • Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th August – Ebridge Open Weekend
  • Tuesday 11th October – 4th CIO Annual General Meeting, being held in ‘The Lounge’ at the North Walsham Methodist Church, meeting will start at 19:30hrs.
PRIVATE talks - all provided by Ivan Cane 'EAWA Archivist for Canal Records'

If you are interested in attending any of these talks, please contact the host via the links below as these are private presentation for their members.  They may allow you to attend at their discretion

please contact the HOST organisation for an invitation.

2023 - Events and talks

to be confirmed:

25th January – Sutton Womens Institute

Wish to invite a speaker to your group to talk about the work of the Trust?

If you’re a private group or club and wish for one of our volunteers to provide a talk on the work of the NW&DC Trust please send an email to the Trust Secretary using our ‘Contact Us’ page

If you’re a member of the public interested in attending  any of our presentations please contact the organisation directly via their website link as these presentations are usually for their club members only.

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2022 04 17 – Norfolk & Norwich Wild Swimmers fund raiser at Ebridge millpond.   Lots of photos are available on our NWDC FB Group HERE (no login required)

2022 02 03 – London Canal Museum (Ivan Cane)

2022 02 09 – Warwickshire IWA (Ivan Cane)

2021 10 12 – NWDC Trust Annual General Meeting

2021 08 14 & 15 – Ebridge Open Weekend