Messages to our Trust membership (September 2023)

  • BACS – Bank Automaticed Clearing System payments.
    • Sometimes when we receive a BACS/Standing Order membership subscription payment, it can be difficult to identify who has made the payment, especially if we have more than one person/family with the same surname.  We would like to suggest that you take a look at accessing your personal membership record to manage your payments via our online system –
    • The online payment system uses PayPal but you can pay for your subscription using your bank credit/debit card please select the bank card option rather than ‘pay with PayPal’.   When we first introduced the new online system a member commented that it was really easy to use.  The link to the database is at the bottom of this page.
  • EMAIL communication preferences – issues for us
    • Your CONTACT email account details are held on our database and sometimes when we issue an email to you we receive ‘bounce-back’ errors indicating that our ‘message could not be delivered’ to you.  This could be due to many reasons but, for example
      • You have changed your email address
      • or your mailbox is full. Our system will attempt to deliver but will eventually give up sending an error report to the database administrator.

We encourage you to use our online membership system which allows you to:

  • pay for your membership subscription
  • update and/or amend any contact details
    • this includes your email address
    • your home address (important if you prefer to receive postal communications)
    • and your contact telephone/mobile number

To do this please click on the link below using the email address used when you first registered your membership with us (you can prompt the system if you cannot remember your password.)  If you cannot remember the email account you used please contact us and we will remind you of it.

Click on this link —-> 

The Trust wishes to ensure that you all members receive our communications because there are great things happening along Norfolk’s only locked wherry sailing canal.  It’s important to us that your contact details are up-to-date.

Julie Kelleher, Membership Secretary

Bereavement:  One thing we don’t like to hear of is a supporter passing away, but we would appreciate that during these sad times a family member contacts us to let us know, we will then update their personal record.