Boat Tours

Ella II, our fully solar powered passenger boat, is available for a peaceful 1 hour long charters on any day of your choice (subject to prior bookings not clashing and availability of crew).

Short notice can often be accommodated.

Bring friends and family by all means, along with refreshments of your choice.

Dogs welcome. Please contact Graham on 07585 160 772 to make

Where do boat trips run?

Your trip will commence from Ebridge lock opposite Ebridge Mill. This can be found two miles out of town along the Happisburgh Road, North Walsham through White Horse Common (for SatNavs use the postcode: NR28 9NG).

Boat trips follow a return route to Spa Common and back, taking approximately one hour.

Please click on our map HERE for our boat trip starting point

Is there food or drink?

Refreshments are not currently provided but please feel encouraged to bring your own. Food and drink is very welcome – hot, cold or celebratory! Please bear in mind that it is only a small boat and there is no toilet onboard or en route.

What should I wear?

You will be on the water for around one hour. The boat is open air but covered by a canopy. Remember to bring a jacket to protect you from any cool breezes and a raincoat to protect you from any showers that might be forecast. Arrangements can be changed if inclement weather is expected. If it’s sunny, meanwhile, a sunhat and sunscreen is recommended.

What can I expect to see?

Wildlife varies day to day and hour by hour. Birds, from the smallest wagtails to coots, grebes and swans, frequent the canal, as well as birds of prey including raptors and harriers. If you’re quick of eye you may see deer, foxes and water voles, while, on calmer days, in clear water, we often see fish chasing the front of the boat. Passengers can choose whether they’d like historic commentary from the skipper, who is knowledgeable about the history of the canal and its restoration, or to chat amongst themselves and ask questions as they go along.

Can I pay with my bank debit/credit card?

Yes you may. The North Walsham and Dilham Canal Trust recently introduced their new ‘Contactless’ machine at their Ebridge Open Weekend.  It worked very well.   You may pay for your boat trip via this or by cash, cash is still always very welcome because processing credit/debit cards does cost the trust money.

How much does it cost?
Boat charters we ask for a minimum donation of £30 and £9 per person for over 4 people. 
There are two boats that can run in tandem for larger groups over 10. 
All income goes towards the conservation and restoration of the canal. Additional donations are always most welcome. 
If weather is inclement or, for any other reason, you need to postpone, you can re-book a different day at no extra charge with only two hours’ notice of postponement, by phone.
Call Graham on 07585 160772
How do I book a trip?

You can book your charter or public trip by calling Graham on 07585 160772.

What about Coronavirus?

Special attention has been given to ensure boat trips meet Covid-19 guidelines, for the safety of all involved. The boat is thoroughly cleaned before and after each trip. The skipper of the boat remains socially distanced at all times.