WE’RE BACK!                                  Book with Graham on 07585 160772

Solar powered passenger boating is due to be resumed on

Saturday 1st May 2021


There will be proper attention to Covid guidelines for the safety of all involved.

Please arrive masked.

The boat will be Anti-virus cleaned before and after every trip.

The skipper counts as one household and is socially distanced.

There is insufficient space to socially distance passengers from each other


Maximum of 5 passengers, all from the same household please.

That can include SUPPORT bubble only.

Proof of address will be needed as you board (under Gvt. rules).



By arrangement any time of any day or evening subject only to crew availability and weather.

One trip on any one day



Book your charter by phone on 07585 160 772 please.

If the weather is foul or if for any other reason you need to postpone you can re-book a different day at no extra charge with only 2hrs notice by phone.

Cash payment on the boat £40 for the hour please

(works out at only £8.00 each).

All monies go to the restoration and maintenance of the canal.

Additional donations always very welcome!



Your trip is from Ebridge lock opposite Ebridge Mill

Happisburgh Road   –  NR12 9NG

Return trip to Spa Common.

Approximately 1hr round trip.



Please bring your own refreshments any drink or food permitted and encouraged.

Hot, cold or celebratory!

provided that you leave nothing behind.

Sorry, small boat, so no loo!



Keep warm if there’s a slight chill,

keep dry if there’s a drizzle

and wear a hat and sun screen if it’s too sunny.