Places accessible along the canal

Where there has been the majority of canal restoration work over the years, undertaken by the Old Canal Company (OCC), his employees and NWDC Trust volunteers, the OCC allows you “permissive rights” to enjoy your leisure time between Ebridge Mill and Swafield.

Bacton Wood Lock to Royston Bridge – Norfolk County Council Public Footpath 19 is a dead end and crossing the canal is a temporary arrangement.

You have permission to enjoy the sections as listed below:

  • Ebridge Mill (Happisburgh Rd, White Horse Common, Nth Walsham, NR28 9NG) to
  • Bacton Wood Lock (Anchor Road, Spa Common, North Walsham, NR28 9SJ), from Bacton Wood Lock on the west side crossing to the east side after the lock, until such times as the canal is re-watered. Footpath 19 has always been an isolated path since the Wherry Inn closed back in the 1960’s. In more recent years, the canal owner has allowed The Public to cross the canal bed and walk up the east side to Royston Bridge, by way of a ‘Permissive Footpath’.  This is clearly not an option once the canal is re-watered. There is no immediate date set for this re-watering.
  • Royston Bridge (North Walsham Rd, Paston, North Walsham, NR28 9SN), from Royston Bridge to the skew bridge at
  • Swafield, (The Street, Swafield, North Walsham, NR28 0RQ)

 The sections of the canal as listed below have different access rights

  • The canal and land above Swafield Bridge (Mundesley Road, Swafield, North Walsham) is PRIVATE. NO PUBLIC ACCESS ALLOWED without prior permission by the canal owner.  Contact: M Starling
  • Below Ebridge Mill to Honing Lock this section of the canal is PRIVATELY OWNED
  • Honing Lock to Wayford Bridge – tidal waters, (Wayford Road, Stalham, Norwich, NR12 9LL) this section of the canal is privately owned and the canal owner has an ‘honesty box’ and the right to charge you to sail, canoe or kayak to help with maintenance costs of their section of the canal.  ‘Canal Camping’ is available on this tidal stretch

Permissive Rights are very different to Public Rights, “Permissive” is that the owner gives you permission to access and enjoy his land.  

The  North Walsham and Dilham Canal is PRIVATELY owned by three companies and one family.