Fishing Rules

Pike Fishing – Close Season 1st March to 31st September

  • Hooks – Single and barbless, max size 4, NO TREBLES.
  • Baits – Sea fish dead baits only, NO LIVE baiting.
  • Traces – Stainless steel traces 15 inches minimum.
  • Line – 20lbs Monofilament and 30lbs Braid minimum.
  • Equipment – Large knotless landing net with a minimum of 36in long arms, large unhooking mat, 12in long artery forceps, side cutters.

General Fishing – Close Season – 15th March to 15th June

  • Hooks – Single barbless, all methods, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Baits – No cereal ground bait or boilies, surplus bait must not dumped in the canal.
  • Equipment – Disgorger/forceps/unhooking mat/landing net.

General Rules

  • NO KEEP NETS, fish can be rapidly weighed in nets.
  • NO vehicles on banks and keep walk ways clear of tackle.
  • Dawn till dusk fishing only.
  • Avoid dangerous gorging, strike early.
  • Maximum of 2 rods, always attended.
  • Movement of fish is prohibited.
  • Treat the environment, other canal users and wildlife with respect at all times.

Please remember that this is a Canal under restoration. At times this means that water levels may be variable, and banks closed so that further restoration and maintenance work can be undertaken

Don’t forget to take your litter home protecting the wildlife inhabiting the area.