Health & Safety notice

Update 25th July 2020 The piles of material described below are now properly placed, raising the banks and making the pathway more even. Cyclists are reminded that cycling this Permissive Footpath is not allowed. It is hoped that preventing cycling will reduce damage to the path and reduce risk to walkers. Use of the path is only by permission of the landowner and always at the users’ own risk.

Now that the material is gone, it must be noted that the area near the lock is not a car park, although folk do tend to leave their cars there when visiting the canal. Once again, the owner doesn’t mind at all, the area may be closed off at any time without notice and anything left there is at the owners own risk.

Update @ Friday 13th September:  Reference the piles of material that are in the area that has been used for visitor parking at Ebridge. Fourteen lorry loads were delivered yesterday and there is likely to be another delivery of several loads on Monday. All this material is intended to be used to make up the banks a few hundred yards above Ebridge lock in the very near future. Walkers will be aware that a long stretch has already been done and the work is due to continue north as soon as possible. This will enable The Trust to replace the bricks which were removed from the spillway last year to lower the level till the banks could be made up to their full height.


Although the Old Canal Company, as owners of the Ebridge to Swafield Bridge reaches, welcome walkers, pleasure anglers, boaters and others to use the canal waters and banks for their enjoyment, the Trust would like to remind people that the canal and lands are private and are still undergoing restoration. At times not all parts are accessible, water levels will vary and that public use is always at their own risk.

Work to build up the banks is taking place along the route of the canal between Ebridge Mill and Bacton Mill Lock and also between Bacton Mill Lock and Royston Bridge. Access to the canal walk along these stretches may be temporarily limited. 

Warning signs and barriers have been erected for the safety of the public. The NWDCT apologise for any inconvenience, access will be restored as soon as possible.