Health & Safety notices

Although the Old Canal Company, Julie and Laurie Ashton, as owners of the Ebridge to Swafield Bridge pounds, welcome walkers, pleasure anglers, boaters and others to use the canal waters and banks for their enjoyment, The Trust would like to remind people that the canal,  lands and pathways are private and are still undergoing restoration.

At times not all parts are accessible, water levels will vary and that public use is always at your own risk.

We wish to thank Laurie and Julie Ashton for allowing us all to enjoy the beauty of their section of the North Walsham and Dilham Canal – Swafield to Ebridge.


Between Ebridge and Swafield

If walking dogs, please use the bins provided or take any waste home.

If there are cygnets in the area, be warned that the parent Swans will become very protective, so again, please remember to keep your dog on its lead.


Covid Awareness: When passing others, especially because the paths are narrow, mask up as you pass.  Please use this common sense and respect fellow canal users, so that this area remains ‘low risk’ for the benefit of everybody!


Between Royston Bridge and Pigneys Wood

Following over-topping of the canal at the above location, it will be necessary to raise the bank height in this area, slightly, to improve the quality of the footpath and to prevent another over-topping in the future. 

We have no fixed date for this work as yet. It will only take a few days, so this is advanced notice for The Public. There will be all the proper signage in place and volunteers to help, when the time comes.

At the Ebridge Lock area

The area near the lock is not a public car park, although folk do tend to leave their cars there when visiting the canal.  Once again, the owner doesn’t mind but please bear in mind that the area may be closed off at any time, without notice and anything left there (cars, bikes, boats and boards etc.) is at the owners own risk.

Cyclists are reminded that cycling this “Permissive Footpath” is not allowed. It is hoped that preventing cycling will reduce damage to the path and reduce risk to walkers. This is especially important in this wet weather, when ruts become a serious safety risk to walkers and damage the paths.


Weil’s disease:

Can be caught from rat urine entering the body, usually through an open cut or sore.

Wild Swimming:

It is recommended that foot protection is worn when swimming in the canal and that bright headwear is worn also.