Text copied from Duncan Baker MP’s Facebook post

North Walsham and Dilham Canal Trust

👍 One of the great privileges of this job is being invited to see the phenomenal work volunteers do all over North Norfolk. 

🛶 Yesterday I got to see that on the North Walsham & Dilham Canal Trust. The restoration work to the waterways and Ebridge lock was quite astounding. 

💦🦆🎣 Just a few years ago this area looked completely different. But a team of volunteers and enthusiasts have restored the canal which is now enjoyed for water-sports, walkers and fishers. 

💚🌳 But above all it’s the environmental aspect I most admire and the biodiversity net gains by allowing nature to thrive again. Careful management of the waterway has allowed all manner of flora and fauna to thrive. 

🙏 My thanks to Ivan Cane and Graham Pressman for showing me around and all the amazing volunteers who have transformed the canal into enjoyment for all. 


You can learn more here www.nwdct.org/ “