Re-opening of the North Walsham and Dilham Canal has had to be delayed again. Works on several sections of the canal have had to be rescheduled because of the amount of rainfall over the last few months, says the Old Canal Company Ltd.

A lot of damage has been done to the canal banks mainly due to dogs being let off leads, then left to wander alongside the canal. Some major repairs have to be made where dogs have made several attempts to climb back up the banks not only leaving a trail of destruction along the banks, in parts which have fallen back into the canal itself, which will have to be built up again to avoid possible flooding of the area, but also damage that has been made to habitats of voles and other vertebrates along the canal banks.

To mitigate this problem in the future there will be new gates and signage at access points along the canal, one of which is: “Dogs must be on leads at all times along the side of the canal” this should ensure that less damage is done to the banks, where the onus falls on the owner/handler who is responsible for its control at all times. All excrement should also be picked up and placed in bins provided OR taken home. This will also limit possible injuries and accidents to other users of the canal, especially the elderly, where dogs are left wandering.

The Old Canal Company Ltd asks that you take notice of the new signage thus less closures of the walkways for repairs. In the meantime, other works are taking place when the weather permits in preparation of the rewatering of the section between Bacton Wood Lock and Royston Bridge to Swafield.

Old Canal Company Ltd.